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All material on this website is the Copyright © of UrbanFox Consulting/David Fox/Christina Fox (except for those product photographs supplied by manufacturers for publicity purposes and content credited to other contributors, who gave their permission for us to use their material). All Rights Reserved.

Printed Copies

Printed copies may not be made except with prior permission.

  • This will usually be granted for limited use by non-profit or educational organisations.
  • Commercial users should contact us for payment details.

Any physical reprints will be permitted with the condition that you include the URL for each original Web page.

Online Copies

If you wish to include our material on your Website [Internet or Intranet], don't.

  • Under fair use rules, you may selectively quote from an article, with attribution (although a link to www.urbanfox.tv would be appreciated).
  • Instead of wholesale plundering, please just link direct to the original articles (on www.urbanfox.tv) instead of reproducing them on your site.
  • Contact us for payment rates if you really must have the article on your site.

Other Media

Contact us first....

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Yes please. Feel free to link to any page. If you have a similar site contact us for reciprocal links.


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Dear Sirs, I teach basic video classes at Valley High School, New Kensington ,PA. Your pages are excellent supplements to the class. I would like to put a button on my activities page linking to your pages. Is that permissible. The Link to Urbanfox.tv seems to suggest I can, but I don't want to do that without your OK.
sincerely, RB M

Dear Mr M

I'm glad you're finding our site helpful. If you have any suggestions for new topics, we'd love to hear from you. Yes, please feel free to link to us - either to the home page and/or any relevant pages to your course. We are always happy for people to link to the site because it helps our rankings on the search engines. If your video class set up a web site please let us know and we'll return the compliment and link to you.

Kind regards Christina.

© 2000, 2001       Christina Fox and David Fox