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This section is about production issues. There is stuff about production facilities, the future of producing content and the fact that we can all be broadcasters thanks to the internet.

Plus the second most popular topic people use to find the site "making video look like film".


copyright We're All Broadcasters Now... An opinion piece on Intellectual Property Rights and taking control of your content. more »

copyrightBig Brother Defends Rights Of Small Creators... Peter Bazalgette on the importance of Intellectual Property Rights and how independent producers can thrive on new media opportunities. more »
copyright DV Gives International News Productions The Edge.... Low-cost cameras and editing set up news agency for knife-edge delivery. more »
copyrightGREENPEACE... Filming Under Pressure - Pressure groups need publicity, that means pictures, which is why Greenpeace has been filming for as long as it's been campaigning. more »

copyrightUNDERCURRENTS: Battling Against The Tide... - How low-cost video production set alternative news service on the campaign trail. more »

copyrightTAPE... Ever wondered what the difference between metal particle and metal evaporated is? Or who makes what? We have a guide to tape manufacturer's wares (everything from U-Matic to DV and D9). more »
CLICK TO GO TO OUR EDITING SECTIONEDITING... There's stuff about editors from Apple, Avid, Fast, Media 100, Quantel, Pinnacle, Accom, Adobe, Matrox, Discreet, DPS, Canopus. From a simple laptop editing system to a serious mobile edit suite offering half a Terabyte of RAID disk storage. more »
CLICK TO GO TO OUR FILM EFFECTS SECTIONFILM EFFECTS... Not only can they fix it in post - these guys can do a whole lot of other stuff too. We have interviews with the leaders in film effects from The Mill, the Moving Picture Company, Framestore, and the BBC, - including an interview with fx guru, Mitch Mitchell. more »
CLICK TO GO TO OUR FORMAT SECTIONFORMATS... DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, High Definition (HD), 24P, IMX and IMAX. What are the differences between them? We reveal the grisly truth behind various video and film formats. more »
CLICK TO GO TO OUR LIGHTING SECTIONLIGHTING... We focus the spotlight on Photon Beard, Cosmolights, Dedo, Lastolite, Photoflex, ETC, Kino Flo and any other bright spark in the industry, in several illuminating articles. more »
CLICK TO GO TO OUR STREAMING SECTIONSTREAMING... We've advice on how best to shoot for the web, how to ensure streaming pays its way, and the implications of the broadband revolution. more »
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From DV And Desktop To Delivery - How technology is changing the nature of production and post production.
The End of Facilities - With DV and computer-based editing, many producers are creating their own in-house post-production areas. But what does this mean for facilities houses?
The Future of Facilities - Where will facilities houses turn to next to stay in business?
Facilities Trickle Into Stream - In the age of stream, how will low cost Internet technology affect facilities?

DV gets the film look - thanks to the new Mini35 Digital adapter from P+S Technik. new
You've Got The Look - Making video look more like film - and making film look even better....
Here's our complete list of articles on making video look like film including links to other sites of interest.
Virtual Sets Get Ready For Takeoff - Added realism and lessened cost makes VS better alternative to traditional production.


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