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These are the most
popular cameras.
But, I can also do other
cameras on request.

  • Canon XF-300 and XF-305
  • Canon XF-100 and XF-105
  • Canon C100, C300 and C500
  • Sony FS5
  • Sony A7S and Sony A7R
  • JVC GY-HM650 and GY-HM600
  • Sony PMW200, PMW150 and PMW100
  • Panasonic HPX-250
  • Canon XA10XA20 and XA25
  • Sony EX1, EX1R and EX3
  • Sony Z5 and Z7
  • Panasonic AF101 (AF100)
  • Canon EOS 5D Mkii, EOS 5D Mkiii,
    7D, 550D and 60D
  • Zoom H4n
  • Sony FX1 and Z1
  • Sony A1
  • PD150, PD170,
  • Sony VX 2000,
  • PD100, PDX10
  • Sony DSR 500, DSR 570
  • Canon XHA1
  • Canon XL1 and XL1s
  • Canon XL2
  • Panasonic HDC HS700,
    TM700 and SD700
  • Panasonic DVX 100
  • Panasonic DVX100A


two trainees set up a Sony A1 and gun mic for a vox popTHREE DAY SHOOT AND EDIT

This course is aimed at journalists, press photographers, press officers and any organisation that wants to put short video clips on their website.

For example - I have run it for The House of Lords Press office, Wolverhampton City Council and Oxford University. They all wanted to shoot short videos about their organisation's activities, edit them and get them on their websites.

Don't worry if you have never used a video camera before and have never edited video. We cover all the technical aspects of the camera (manual focus, exposure and white balance). Plus, the different types of microphone and how to gather the best sound. You will learn how to import video into a computer and then edit the sequences and interviews you shoot.

Equipment: This course is tailor made to each organisations requirements. I can run this course on pretty much any video camera that you already have. But, please talk to me about editing software. Call me on 020 8621 3649 or email me.

The full course schedule is below.

"Anyone who wants or needs to get to grips with a camera quickly should look no further than Christina Fox. She has teaching the essential skills down to a fine art, making it painless and great fun to quickly get up to speed. I learnt more in three days than I have in years and left buzzing. Thanks.”
Lesley R., The Press Association

"Very well run. Really methodical and the course book is brilliant.I'd definitely recommend it to other colleagues in the department."
Angela N., Press Officer

"One of the most enjoyable courses I've been on.
Ed H.,
Press Officer

"Excellent. Coverered a lot of ground and wasn't rushed at all. All covered in enough detail.
Chris C
., Web Technical support

"Of course we would very much like to get you back to deliver your training.
The last bunch were universal in their praise for what you did and we are very keen to keep you with us.
Paul J., The Press Association




White balancing the Sony A1COURSE OBJECTIVES

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Operate the video camera's most useful features.
  2. Take the camera out of automatic and use it in manual.
  3. Understand how to compose well-framed shots.
  4. Understand how to shoot a simple sequence for editing.
  5. Edit a sequence
  6. Understand the different types of microphone available and when to use them
  7. Record broadcastable pictures and sound
  8. Mix audio in the edit
  9. Shoot a simple interview
  10. Shoot a story
  11. Import video into the computer
  12. Conduct a simple edit
  13. Use the trimming tools
  14. Add voice over, music, effects and titles
  15. Export the story.

Shooting a PTC (Piece To Camera) or Stand UpCOURSE SCHEDULE


  • Introductions
  • Checking out the kit
  • Setting up and using a tripod
  • Bit rates/ frame rates and Resolution ( HD, 16:9, 25p, 50i, 50p 1920x1080)
  • Which formats to use and when.
  • Getting started with the camera
  • Menus – intro
  • Focusing - auto v manual
  • Picture composition
  • Shooting well composed shots
  • Shooting for the edit
  • Out and about with the camera
  • Intro to editing software
  • Capturing your video onto the PC
  • Editing your shots into a simple story
  • Adding a voiceover and/or music.


  • Why we shoot sequences
  • Crossing the line
  • How to shoot a sequence
  • Editing a sequence
  • Trimming tools
  • Adding transitions to your sequence - but not too many!
  • Audio mixer
  • White balance
  • Shoot your own sequence
  • Editing the sequence you have shot
  • Focusing on the move.


  • The right mic (omni, cardioid and hypercardioid) …in the right place
  • Audio levels
  • Audio quality
  • Vox pops and a PTC (Piece To Camera/stand upper)
  • Exposure
  • Contrast ratio (lighting problems and how to overcome them).
  • Shooting a sit down interview
  • Editing your interview
  • Using multiple timelines
  • Adding text
  • Exporting the story.

setting up the camera and tripodDATES AND VENUE

The course is run at your company premises.That way we can practice and do test shots in the places you will be actually shooting your videos.

This will also keep down the costs, as it is probably cheaper for me to come to you - than you send several of your staff to me.


I charge £500 per day - for up to 4 people.

If you have more than 4 people who require training, I charge an additional £100 per person per day.

Prices include my 50 page camera workbook, for all participants.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at the prevailing rate. All prices are in UK Pounds.

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

Then call me on 020 8621 3649 or email me.

Christina Fox

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