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I wanted to put together shots to show what a camera can do. Here you'll see what results you get just by playing around with the switches.
Everything shown in this section can be performed by virtually all video cameras whether they are a Digital Betacam or a miniDV camera (eg Sony PD 150 and Canon XL1s). Those of you still struggling with your kit might find it gives you a helping hand and a few ideas.
  • Contrast range - explains why it's difficult to shoot poorly lit people in front of bright backgrounds.
  • Gain shows the effect of 0dB up to 18dB on a night time shot.
  • Getting creative with white balance shows a variety of lighting conditions and white balance selections.
  • No-cost filters shows how to get interesting effects using coloured paper for white balancing.


Need some help with your camera? I'm always happy to try and help. But, you might also want to check out a yahoo/egroup called vx2k. They share info on the VX2000 and the PD150. They're a friendly bunch and a lot of good information gets spread around.

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